Bridging the gap to evidence-based academic medicine

Exclusive multidisciplinary programs for pain, addiction, functional recovery and orthopaedics throughout California.


R&Q Health is transforming the manner in which US workers’ compensation claimants, insurers and employers are able to access the highest quality healthcare. Our approach offers savings and certainty to payers and hope for injured workers.

We offer uniquely packaged multi-specialty programs that are complementary and supportive of your existing strategy:

  • Exclusive contract for direct access to specialty workers compensation programs with leading academic medical experts at the University of California Providing:
    • Complex pain management supervised pharmaceutical tapering, outpatient detox services, functional restoration.
    • 100% patient-centric services with best in class clinical quality.
    • Higher clinical quality = higher success rates = lower lifetime costs.
    • Returning works to appropriate levels of pharmaceuticals.
    • Concierge services.
  • Fixed (bundled pricing)
    • Fully pre-authorized specialty services ensuring no disruption to patient treatment.
    • Only invoiced as services are used.
  • R&Q Health’s unique risk based pricing arrangements.
    • No cost patient evaluations.
    • Re-entry options to address patient compliance and avoidance of future relapse.
    • Comprehensive dedicated case coordination services with regular reporting.

If you have a referral or inquiry, please contact the Program Administrator or (855) 222-6986.

R&Q Healthcare Interests LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Randall & Quilter Investment Holdings Ltd.

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