Our Story

Bridging the Gap with Patient Advocacy

Securing Academic Medicine for Workers’ Compensation Patients

Our Vision
There are four stakeholders in the process of delivering Healthcare to injured employees under existing Workers’ Compensation statutes: the patient, the medical provider, the employer and the insurer. In many cases, the finest academic medical centers of excellence across the United States find it very difficult to provide treatment to workers’ compensation patients. R&Q Healthcare Interests, LLC. breaks down that barrier. We bridge the gap to coordinate timely patient advocacy and care while at the same time reduce total costs for employers and their insurers. Our exclusive contracts with these world renowned research institutions provide an opportunity for workers’ compensation patients to receive the latest evidence-based treatment for complex conditions – with the ultimate focus on recovery and functional restoration.

It’s a simple win-win formula for all parties:  Creating access to the best possible medical care at exactly the right moment.

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