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Telehealth Programs for Workers’ Compensation Care

Now available through R&Q Health and partnering centers of excellence

The challenges of accessing effective treatment for injured workers experiencing pain and addiction issues have changed dramatically during the response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The ongoing need for this care, however, remains constant.

For that reason, R&Q Health has joined with exclusive provider partners to make needed chronic pain, substance abuse, addiction and functional restoration programs available through a convenient and HIPAA-compliant telehealth platform.

Accessing the innovative UCLA RE:claim program
Using secure digital information and telecommunication technologies, R&Q Health and the UCLA Center for Behavioral and Addiction Medicine offer a telehealth platform to assure that workers’ compensation patients have ongoing access to the UCLA RE:claim program and its evidence-based pain management and addiction treatment. This specialized and highly personalized resource has offered hope and clinically-compelling outcomes to injured workers since 2014.

The exclusive partnership between R&Q Health and UCLA includes a long-standing relationship with Michelle Bholat, MD, MPH, the Center’s Medical Director. Dr. Bholat is a national leader in integrating clinical research into the primary care setting and has extensive experience in both inpatient and outpatient addiction treatment. She is an appointed Los Angeles County Public Health Commissioner and sits on the State of California Medical Board.

Michelle Bholat, MD, MPH

After an initial evaluation, RE:claim care plan elements include medication-assisted therapy and cognitive behavior therapy.

Fully integrated functional restoration
R&Q Health also maintains a telehealth partnership with Synovation Medical Group for functional restoration programs that are clinically integrated with the UCLA RE:claim program. Led by Mauro Zappaterra, MD, PhD, these programs complement the UCLA capabilities and are designed to help workers’ compensation patients get back to the highest possible level of function at home, at work and in the community.

Mauro Zappaterra, MD, PhD

Dr. Zappaterra received his medical degree from Harvard in their Medical Scientist Training program and is a nationally recognized leader in interdisciplinary pain management, functional restoration and holistic patient care.

Telehealth interventions available through Synovation Medical Group and its Productivity Enhancement Program include physical therapy, occupational therapy, mindfulness training with a pain management focus and peer support.

Improving Access to Specialized Care: About R&Q Health
R&Q Health helps build the bridge between workers’ compensation patients and evidence-based academic medical centers and other centers of excellence. Functioning as clinical care and support coordinators, we have developed exclusive relationships with a national network of specialized programs for a wide range of workers’ compensation care including chronic pain management, opioid addiction, catastrophic care and functional recovery.

During the restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, R&Q Health is working closely with its partnering providers to assure that workers’ compensation patients can maintain access to care through secure and effective telehealth platforms.

For more information please contact the R&Q Health program administrator at or call 855-222-6986.

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